Vacuum Pouches – Clear

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  • Colour: Clear
  • Puncture Resistance: High
  • Ziplock: No
  • Hole Punch: No
  • Material Gauge: 70µM
    80µM (260mm x 420mm)

    95µM (90mm x 250mm)
    170µM (350mm x 500mm)
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Product Dimensions

90mm x 250mm, 140mm x 225mm, 150mm x 350mm, 170mm x 300mm, 175mm x 200mm, 185mm x 310mm, 185mm x 350mm, 200mm x 250mm, 200mm x 500mm, 220mm x 250mm, 220mm x 300mm, 220mm x 350mm, 220mm x 480mm, 220mm x 560mm, 245mm x 300mm, 260mm x 420mm, 260mm x 560mm, 260mm x 700mm, 300mm x 400mm, 300mm x 450mm, 350mm x 500mm, 390mm x 400mm, 390mm x 500mm, 390mm x 600mm, 450mm x 600mm

Pack Size

Pack of 100, Carton of 1000