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Soft Launch Early 2021

The Bamboo Tray.
An Eco Superstar.

Exclusive to Caspak

Our Bamboo Tray (patent applied) is a sustainable food packaging solution that allows for extended shelf life, making it suitable for most food groups. The tray is made from bamboo – one of the superstar materials of the sustainable sector that rapidly sucks CO2 from the atmosphere and pumps oxygen back in, as well as dramatically reducing plastic use.

An 80% Reduction in Plastic Waste

Reduce your plastic waste by 80% by using only 4g of plastic compared to the 20g traditionally needed for similar trays on the market.


Designed to use the same top web, which can be purchased separately, to seamlessly integrate into your current tray sealing and denesting systems.

Paper Recycling

After removing the lidding film, our bamboo tray can be recycled at home in the domestic paper bin.

Industry Leading

Our bamboo tray offers a shelf life for up to one month – more than a match for conventional packaging options.

A True Superstar.
Hello Bamboo.

Bamboo is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to plastic and has become a hot commodity in the sustainable marketplace. It requires no pesticides or fertilizers, is certified compostable and uses a third less water to grow than cotton.

It also grows rapidly, reduces soil erosion and absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide while producing 35% more oxygen than trees.

… and to complete the circular economy, bamboo can be recycled in the domestic paper recycling stream.

End of life benefits

Using fibre rather than plastic means consumers can place the trays in their kerbside paper recycling bin, after removing the lidding film, which will increase the raw material recovery rate to 70%.

What happens to the laminate?
The laminate on the tray is removed during the normal pulping process (much like with tetra pak containers) and is disposed of in landfill.

Did you know?

The local utilisation rate of fibre, like the bamboo tray, is 42% which is much higher than plastic.

Soft launch in October for a mid 2021 release

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