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PCR Pet Roll

Our Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET Roll helps you fulfil your 2025 packaging targets for PCR content, at the same time as maintaining food grade standards.

Sandwiched between two thin layers of virgin PET, the PCR content of the product is between 60-80% of the total film (well above the 2025 targets) giving the PET a much more circular life cycle than 100% virgin plastic.

Domestic recycling

When produced as a single type material product it can be placed in consumers’ kerb side recycling to be repurposed into bottles and other consumer items.

Seamless integration

We have designed this product to integrate with existing machinery and mirror the processing of our virgin PET Roll and thermoforming films, meaning it can replace existing products with ease.

Long shelf-life

With the option of choosing either high barrier or medium barrier a longer shelf-life is maintained without any deterioration of the product.


Depending on the barrier levels needed, PCR PET can be used for meat, dairy, small goods, bakery goods and a wide range of products that require film.

Production process

Our PCR PET Roll was designed to perform as close to a virgin PET and thermoforming films product as possible, so there will be no change in terms of your processing or machinery, when running a standard thermoformer. You will need to make a modification from flexible cutting to rigid cutting (anvil and long cut blades).

With high and medium barrier options, it will maintain the shelf life of the product to the same high levels of existing virgin material options.

With the current processing systems and availability of PCR PET, this is a premium product. However, with its ability to help you exceed your 2025 packaging targets, and the move towards ensuring PCR becomes the norm, the advantages and benefits will be clear over time, not just in terms of your own sustainability goals but in helping to reduce overall plastic waste.

End of life benefits

If mono PET, the film can be disposed of through domestic plastic recycling. This will ensure it is processed through PET recycling and flaking in Australia to be repurposed into bottles and other consumer items. If it is laminated with PE, proper disposal is in the standard waste bin.

The PCR content of the product ensures that you are taking a more sustainable approach to your packaging. The product will increase the circular economy via the pull through of recycled plastic which is so important to the economic viability of recycling.

Did you know?

From its beginnings as a PCR product to its end-of-life possibility of being repurposed, this is a truly circular product.

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