Thermoform Webs

Minimum Order Value $100 excl. gst and freight

Thermoforming films offer a cost-effective way to package products on the line, horizontally forming the pack, filling it and then sealing it. This option can be revolutionary for a growing business that needs to deliver products to a wider market and still maintain shelf-life.

The Caspak Thermoforming film products include standard high barrier flexible top and bottom webs, rigid, high puncture and boilable films. And, with 10 colour gravure print top webs as well as printed bottom webs, branding and product information creates an attractive and informative way to sell your product on the shelf.

Please see below some of our stock lines available. If you have other requirements, please let us know as we have multiple other options for widths and thicknesses to suit various applications. Talk to the team at Caspak for your thermoforming needs and pricing.

5636-1424  65µm 355mm Co-ex L/Seal HB Top Web (355mm x 700M x 65µm)

5636-1636-1C 120µm 359mm Bottom web (500M)

5636-1635 Black Tint Bottom Web (359mm x 500M x 130µm)

5636-1678-2C 150µm 358mm HB BOTTOM WEB (400m)

5636-1421-1C 420 Laminated LS HB Top Web (420mm x 800M x 64µM)

5636-1471-1C 65µM 420mm HB Co-Ex L/S Top Web (800M)

5636-1623-4C 423 HB Bottom Web (423mm x 500M x 120um)

5636-1663-2C 423 Black Tint Bottom Web (423mm X 500M X 130um)

5636-1605-2C 423 HB Bottom Web (423mm X 350M X 175um)

5636-1605-2C HB Bottom Web (424mm x 350M X 175µM)

5636-1610-1C Bottom Web (358mm x 800M x 75µM)

5636-1421-1C Laminated LS HB Top Web (420mm x 800M x 64µM)

5636-1477-1C Co-ex LS HB Top Web AF (355mm x 1000M x 65µM)

5636-1483 EP-C HB Top Web (325mm x 500M x 60µM)