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Soft Plastic Recyclable Pouches

The Stand Up Pouch offers a truly sustainable product lifecycle. By moving to a single plastic type, the energy and environmental impact of the pouch is massively reduced and it can be disposed of easily through domestic soft plastic recycling.

Compare this to the conventional packaging equivalent (that cannot be recycled due to multiple layers of different types of plastic), and you have a sustainable solution to market to your ‘green eco-consumer’. Being a single plastic type product that can be recycled through soft plastic recycling means it will help you achieve your 2025 national packaging targets.

Domestic recycling

The single material nature of the product means that all consumers need to do is drop it off in soft-plastic recycling without any concern for plastic contamination.

Seamless integration

This product seamlessly integrates into your current production processes with minimal changes to machinery needed.

Long shelf-life

Due to providing good moisture barrier protection, the Stand Up Pouches can help to prevent product deterioration and ensure an appropriate shelf-life. This will be assisted further with high oxygen barrier options coming in the future.


The pouches can be used for a wide range of products without compromising the mono material nature.

Seamless integration and versatile production

We have designed the pouches to have minimal impact on existing machinery operations to reduce the need for changes other than minor adjustments to the filling process.

We will also collaborate with you to customise the product using a number of options:

  • Die cut
  • Surface and reverse printed
  • Trap gravure printed 7-10 colours
  • Tear nicked
  • With or without a zip

End of life benefits

Overall plastic waste is reduced by removing the conventional Nylon, Foil, Metalised and PET layers. Instead, our Standup Pouch uses a revolutionary mono-layer so that consumers can simply pop it into their household soft plastic recycling.

By using a single material, the pouch can easily be sorted and then recycled without any pathway contamination.

Did you know?

Multi-layer pouches cannot be disposed of through the domestic soft-plastics recycling schemes which means they end up in landfill.

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