Retort Pouches

Applicable Markets
Product information

Creating a shelf stable product for fresh produce is made easy using retorting in flexible packaging. The food is first vacuum sealed then heated to in excess of 120 Deg C in a retort chamber. This packaging is especially suitable for cooked and pre-prepared foods.

Using the retort process allows pre-prepared meals, pet food and soups to stay fresh for longer, both on the shelf and in the fridge, directly contributing to the reduction in food waste.

Our retort options offer great flexibility in the visual aspect of your packaging to either focus on your branding and information or let the product itself shine.

  • 10 colour gravure print
  • Matt/Gloss print options
  • Temperature tolerance to 100 Deg C
  • High barrier to 2cc/m2/24h
  • Easy open tear nicks
  • Laser cut tear off top
  • Hang sell hole
  • Zip Lock available
  • Rounded corners
  • High Puncture options
  • Basic heat sealer
  • Rotary Band Sealer
  • Chamber Vacuum Packer
  • Rotary Pouch filler
  • Sealer