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Vacuum Pouches

Product information

Our vacuum pouches are an easy-to-transport packaging option that also helps to increase your product’s shelf-life through the removal of air during processing. When your product needs to stay on the shelf or travel over long distances, vacuum pouches offer a cost-effective means of packaging.

Extremely customisable with design and structure, vacuum pouches are a useful packaging product suitable for multiple uses.

  • Easy to open
    Create simple use for consumers with multiple easy-to-open options such as easy open tear nicks, easy peel seals, zip lock and other alternatives.
  • Shelf-life extension
    Removing all oxygen and other gases during processing ensures the vacuum pouches decrease food spoilage allowing products to stay on the shelf for longer.
  • Heat tolerant
    Vacuum pouches will tolerate heat up to 100 degrees Celsius allowing for shaping and forming with your product.
  • Customisable design
    Make your vacuum pouch design your own with 10 colour gravure print, 8 colour surface print and matt or gloss printing options available.
Fresher for longer

Use vacuum pouches as the packaging to help keep products like meat, produce, seafood, poultry, pet food, soups, sauces, dairy, agriculture, food ingredients and ready meals fresh.

With high barrier and medium barrier options you can extend the shelf-life without losing quality. Processing removes all gases decreasing the chance of food spoiling, extending shelf-life and reducing food waste.


We can produce vacuum pouches from coextruded or laminated film with a range of differing barriers, temperature and puncture tolerances, making it one of the most versatile packaging options.

With the ability to include display options, for example a hang sell hole, easy opening and zip lock resealing, as well as many other features, we can accommodate most product needs.

Did you know?
Oxygen presence is the greatest contributor to deterioration of produce and food products? Reducing or eliminating it from your packaging saves you money, time and the planet!