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Side Gusseted Pouches

Product information

The side gusset pouch is the creation of a more cubic option, for more efficient packaging and capacity. The 4 key printing sides with a flat facing shelf presence allows you to show off your brand and help you stand out on the shelf.

In addition to great shelf presentation that showcases your brand, the side gusseted pouches are easy and efficient to pack with great capacity. Better efficiency means getting more products out without putting pressure on your production process.

  • Multiple opening options
    Easy open tear nicks, laser cut tear off top and resealable options are available without compromising product quality.
  • 4-side printing
    Utilise the four key printing sides to showcase your brand and educate consumers on your product.
  • Reduce food spoilage
    The high barrier option means greater reduction of food waste through increased shelf-life.
  • Personalised design options
    Opt for a matt or gloss finish or utilise the 10 colour gravure printing to personalise for your brand.
Premium Perfect

Being a laminate gives you access to a high or medium barrier option to help increase shelf-life and maintain quality. This makes it suitable for use with coffee or other hot beverages as well as dry products like food ingredients or agricultural.

With a variety of printing options available, as well as easy open and resealable zip locks, this packaging is ideal for premium products.

Side gusset helps increase pour

Generally used for dry products, the side gussets allow for greater volume for a given footprint than is available from a stand-up pouch.

Our conversion method, that pre-forms the gusset together, means that the mouth of the pouch is the same as a stand-up pouch with no need to reform the gusset.

Did you know?
Choosing the high barrier gusset pouches doesn’t just help more of your product stay on the shelf for longer, it creates a more attractive option for premium products.