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Grab N Go

Product information

The Caspak Grab n Go pouches are thin, durable and strong, and are ideal for hot cooked food or fresh produce.

For hot food, the pouches allow significant heat from the warmer to permeate all sides providing optimum temperature management of cooked food. Ventilation holes allow steam to escape, preventing sweating in the pouch so cooked food stays crisp and fresh for longer.

For fresh produce, the pouches help to maintain freshness and extend shelf-life, allowing for long-distance delivery.

  • Great shelf presence
    Various size and design options help make your product stand out on the shelf to entice customers.
  • Resealable options
    The consumer-friendly pouches keep your product safe with a range of seal options including ziplock, easy open tear nicks and more.
  • Design personalisation
    Use the 10 colour gravure print and matt or gloss printing options to add your own brand’s personal touch to the pouch.
  • Keeps fast-moving food fresh on the shelf
    Maintaining food freshness is essential, even for short periods. The Grab n Go pouches are perfect for that added freshness and food security.
Looks good, stays fresh

In a competitive, fast-moving market it’s important to stand out. With multiple design options across the branding and structure you can make the pouch perfect for your product.

Shorter shelf-life products still need to maintain freshness. Whether for cooked or fresh produce the pouches will help preserve food quality and ensure the products stay fresh, crisp and attractive from warehouse to home.

Applicable Markets
Easy fill and seal

The Grab n Go Pouches are the perfect choice for cooked meat and fresh produce with customisable options for your individual needs.

Whether you need it for fresh or pre-cooked food the pouches fit a basic heat sealer, rotary band sealer, chamber vacuum packer, rotary pouch filler or a sealer. Simple and straight forward to get your product to your customers.

Did you know?
The in-built handle allows easy access to shelf-available products for consumers to Grab n Go!