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Stand-Up Pouches

Product information

Use the varied printing capabilities of our stand up pouches to help build a great shelf presence for your product and brand.

With multiple sizes, designs and builds available you can use these pouches for wet, dry or liquid products with ease. Opting for a high barrier option with aluminium or EVOH will help you extend shelf-life.

Transit is easy with the ability to pack a few thousand pouches per carton, helping you get more products on the shelves. Depending on your processing and product choices shelf-life can be up to one year creating a significant impact in food waste reduction.

  • Barrier options
    All barrier options are available making it a highly adaptable option for your needs.
  • Tolerant to heat
    Stand up pouches can be used for hot fill and microwaveable products such as soups, sauces or meals.
  • Easy to freight
    The transport capacity of a few thousand pouches per carton drastically reduces freight needs, which in turn lowers your costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce food waste
    The ability to portion control through the selection of the size of the pouch leads to the reduction in overall food waste.
Make the switch

Stand up pouches are a light-weight and durable replacement for cans and glass jars, providing a revolutionary packaging solution for many applications. This flexible packaging offers many advantages, allowing product visibility, better health and safety in handling, reducing transport and storage costs as well as improving production line costs.

Fill with soups, sauces, dry products, wet products, meat products or a wide variety of foods. We will collaborate with you to make the stand up pouch suitable to your unique needs.


As an innovator in commercialising stand-up pouches, we have extended our range to include retort pouches for bone-in applications, matt/gloss printing, windows in metallic films, pouring spouts and many variations that make this one of the most successful modern packaging options.

Make it easy to use for consumers by opting for the zip lock, easy open tear nicks and laser cut tear off top options in design. These pouches work with a basic heat sealer, rotary band sealer, chamber vacuum packer, rotary pouch filler or sealer.

Did you know?
Lowering your freight costs with a stand up pouch means you also lower your overall carbon footprint.