Stand-Up Pouches

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Product information

Stand up pouches are a light-weight and durable replacement for cans and glass jars, providing a revolutionary packaging solution for many applications. This flexible packaging offers many advantages, allowing product visibility, better health and safety in handling, reducing transport and storage costs as well as improving production line costs.

As an innovator in commercialising stand-up pouches, we have extended our range to include retort pouches for bone-in applications, matt/gloss printing, windows in metallic films, pouring spouts and many variations that make this one of the most successful modern packaging options.

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  • 10 colour gravure print
  • Matt/Gloss print options
  • Temperature tolerance to 100 Deg C
  • High barrier to 2cc/m2/24h
  • Easy open tear nicks
  • Laser cut tear off top
  • Hang sell hole
  • Zip Lock available
  • Rounded corners
  • High Puncture options
  • Basic heat sealer
  • Rotary Band Sealer
  • Chamber Vacuum Packer
  • Rotary Pouch filler
  • Sealer