Box Pouches

Applicable Markets
Product information

Similar to the stand-up pouch, the box pouch adds another dimension to your shelf-life packaging. The base of this pouch has a much larger surface area which provides a more vertically stable product on the shelf.

The rectangle or box shape at the base of the pouch also creates a visually appealing and space-efficient shelf stacking capacity for your products.

With many printing and style options, creating an aesthetically appealing representation of your brand and displaying your products to their greatest advantage is easy.

  • 10 colour gravure print
  • Matt/Gloss print options
  • Temperature tolerance to 100 Deg C
  • High barrier to 2cc/m2/24h
  • Easy open tear nicks
  • Laser cut tear off top
  • Hang sell hole
  • Zip Lock available
  • Rounded corners
  • High Puncture options
  • Basic heat sealer
  • Rotary Band Sealer
  • Chamber Vacuum Packer
  • Rotary Pouch filler
  • Sealer