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Box Pouches

Product information

Our box pouches offer another dimension to shelf-life packaging. They offer high shelf visibility and a full pack of printing options for customisation. The larger box shaped base allows for a more vertically stable product on the shelf at the same time as being a visually appealing and space-efficient shelf stacking option.

The rectangle or box shape at the base of the pouch is an effective way to showcase your product and brand from the shelf.

  • Resealable
    Our zip-lock option makes the pouches resealable to help prolong your product’s viability and reduce food waste.
  • Top shelf-life
    With a high barrier down to 2cc/m2/24h the box pouch has superior shelf-life capabilities to maintain quality for extended periods.
  • Easy to open
    With easy open tear nicks and laser cut tear-off top, the box pouch is easy to open without impacting the overall shelf-life or quality of your product.
  • Gravure printing
    The 10-colour gravure printing allows for multiple printing and style options, creates an aesthetically appealing representation of your brand.

A range of printing options are available that allow our box pouches to be customised to showcase your product and brand. Suitable for beverages, dry products, cereals, pet food, seafood or other food ingredients.

The pouches can be used on a basic heat sealer, rotary brand sealer, chamber vacuum packer, rotary pouch filler and sealer for production.

We collaborate with you and your team to ensure the box pouch meets your unique needs with a focus on maintaining shelf-life and reducing food waste.

Simple end of life whilst increasing shelf-life

The high barrier options allow for a decrease in food spoilage and increase in the overall shelf-life of the product without diminishing the quality.

Depending on the construction and labelling of the pouch you can impact how the consumer will dispose of the product. Multi-polymer pouches are disposed of in land fill. Mono-layer pouches can be returned to the store for recycling.

Did you know?
The Box Pouch has multiple customisation options to give your brand and product an ability to stand out on the shelf and be seen.