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Rewind (Form Film)

Product information

One of the most versatile packaging options, this economical process is ideal for bulk packaging and allows the pack to be made, filled and sealed on the machine.

This easy to transport and quick to pack film can be used across various products with consistent results.

  • Easy to process
    The ability to turn the film into a pack, fill and seal with minimum friction simplifies the overall production process of your product.
  • Versatile film options
    There are multiple film structures available that can be processed to suit your needs.
  • Easy to transport
    The light weight and flexible structure of the film makes it easy to pack and transport, minimising space and weight needs during freight.
  • Showcase your brand
    With multiple printing options including 10 colour gravure printing and matt or gloss options available your brand can shine.
Reduce shelf-life, maintain quality

High and medium barrier options allow the use of MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) and vacuum, which reduces the oxygen in the pack, increasing the shelf-life of the product and leading to a reduction in food waste. There is also the option to include a zip lock to allow for longer use without food spoiling.

The film can be used with cereal, bakery, confectionary, dairy, hot beverages, pet food, seafood, soups, sauces and more.

Simplified but adaptable production processes

Also known as Vertical Form Filled Seal (VFFS), a roll of film that specialised machines turn into packs, rewind packaging is an economical choice for protecting items against damage and contamination.

Utilising a flow wrapper, vertical form fill seal, horizontal form fill seal or sachet machine we can bring your product to life. You can also choose between easy peel or lock tight seals.

Did you know?
Any change that reduces weight and space during transport of your product will have an impact on reducing the carbon footprint of your company.