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Lidding Films

Product information

Make sure you are showcasing your products to their full potential with this light-weight film that maintains shelf-life and freshness. Our lidding films are easily customisable to make your products and brand the star of the shelf.

By maintaining high visibility of your products using the lidding film combined with the formed container you entice consumers to pick them off the shelf.

  • Easy to open
    We use flexible, durable and puncture-resistant film with easy peel properties to create the lids, making them easy to open whilst maintaining shelf-life.
  • Long shelf-life
    Lidding films are high barrier which increases the shelf-life of the product, maintaining freshness decreasing food spoilage.
  • Resealable
    The resealable film allows for extension of the product’s use, making it easy for consumers to store and use even after opening
  • Antifog
    Our anti-fogging features ensure that the products remain easily visible without losing quality or freshness.

This packaging option has a wide range of applications but is a great way to showcase your products at the same time as keeping them fresh. The formed container is generally transparent or semi-transparent with lids designed to your branding specifications, including all the relevant information your customers need.

We collaborate with you and your team to create a superior product that matches your needs and your budget. This film is used with a chamber vacuum packer with gas option, MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) machine – snorkel type or thermoformer.

Keep the freshness locked in

In order to maintain shelf-life the lidding film reduces oxygen transmission and microorganism growth which in turn also limits food spoilage. Whether used for ready meals, meat, poultry, fresh produce, baked goods or other food products the lidding film’s seal helps reduce food waste.

Keep your food products fresher for longer with the lidding films use of lock-tight whilst maintaining flexibility and customisation to suit your unique needs.

Did you know?
You can customise the lidding film to your brand without reducing product visibility or freshness.