Lidding Films

Applicable Markets
Product information

This packaging option has a wide range of applications but is a great way to showcase your products at the same time as keeping them in good shape. The formed container is generally transparent or semi-transparent and the freshness is maintained with a durable, flexible sealed lid.

With anti-fogging features available to ensure that the products remain easily visible, we create the lids to your branding specifications, including all the relevant information that your customers need.

We use flexible, durable and puncture-resistant film to create the lids that retains easy peel properties.

  • 10 colour gravure print
  • Matt/Gloss print options
  • High barrier to 2cc/m2/24hr
  • Easy Peel seals
  • Lock Tight
  • High Puncture options
  • Chamber Vacuum Packer with Gas Option
  • MAP machine – Snorkel type
  • Thermoformer