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Thermoforming Films

Product information

Thermoforming films offer a cost-effective way to package products on the line, horizontally forming the pack, filling it and then sealing it. This option can be revolutionary for a growing business that needs to deliver products to a wider market and still maintain shelf-life.

Get your products to the shelves with ease using the thermoforming films that are easy to transport and great for inline packing when shipping. Plus, the light-weight film’s easy and efficient transport needs help to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Shelf-life extension
    Both high and medium barriers are available to extend the shelf-life of your product whilst maintaining the quality.
  • Versatile processes
    Depending on your machinery, various sizes and roll lengths can be produced to suit your unique needs.
  • Lowers CO2 emissions
    Light weight and easy to transport making it more efficient and better for your carbon footprint.
  • Customisable design
    Fully customisable design options using 10 colour gravure print top webs, available in both matt and gloss options.
Film Options

The Caspak Thermoforming film products include standard high barrier flexible top and bottom webs, rigid, high puncture and boilable films. And, with the availability of customisable top webs as well as printed bottom webs, branding and product information creates an attractive and informative way to sell your product on the shelf.

The films can be used for a range of goods from baked goods, dairy, meat and any other market making it a versatile packaging product.


Thermoforming is available in both high and medium barrier options. You can also team a medium barrier option with both MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) and vacuum to help extend shelf-life.

Depending on your machinery we can produce various sizes and roll lengths including films that are produced to draw down to 130mm for any product depth. If you have a standard thermoformer it can be used with both MAP and vacuum packaging.

Did you know?
Thermoforming is an economical way to help your business grow by enabling your products to be delivered long-distance due to extended shelf-life?