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UN reports on food waste globally

By March 17, 2021News

A report recently released by the United Nations Environment Programme and partner Wrap, research for the Food Waste Index Report 2021 shows that 17% of food production globally is gone to waste. This percentage makes up 931 million metric tons and to put this into perspective, this amount equates to 23 million fully loaded 40- ton trucks.

Of this 17% that is wasted, 61% of food waste happens at home, 26% occurs in the food service industry followed by a 13% wastage in retailers and distributors. This is concerning as it was noted that in 2019, close to 690 million people were impacted by either hunger or food shortage while over a billion were not able to afford a sustainable and healthy diet.

So what is the cause of all this waste? To identify and implement a course of action to combat food waste, countries really need to quantify their food waste to understand the scale of how big the problem really is so they can outline a plan accordingly. Caspak are big believers in sustainability through what material we use in our packaging, who we align with in the industry and the advice we give to our existing and new customers. Our goal is to source and supply packaging that matches the shelf-life and product protection property requirements of your products and advise on specific detailing to ensure your product stays fresh once it leaves your door and passes through the many links in the distribution chain to your customer.

We strongly believe in reducing, reusing, and recycling so head over to our Instagram to learn more about how we encourage our customers to do so.