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Caspak breaking new ground through research

By November 10, 2020News

As a 30-year veteran of the packaging industry and still 100% New Zealand owned by our founder, we have always aimed to be at the forefront of packaging technology and innovation. We were one of the first companies in New Zealand and in turn Australia to offer Stand Up Pouches as an alternative for food manufacturers, this innovation aimed to provide food security and shelf-life in a way that is appealing and attractive to consumers.

As society is increasingly demanding more sustainable solutions in purchasing choices and we recognise that our current rate of waste cannot be sustained, Caspak has begun to move the dial on the future direction of sustainable shelf-life packaging. We have already begun working with our customers on the release of the first products in our sustainable range, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our packaging not only helps to prevent food waste, but also has minimal impact on the environment once it has served its original purpose.

While our product development team are hard at work on designing new products with lower impact materials, we have just entered into an exciting research project in conjunction with Caspak AU with a leading Australian University and industry partners that aims to develop a new innovation in shelf-life packaging that will have a significant impact on large sectors of the food production industry.

Although the project is still in its first stages, the early signs are promising for our intended outcome to provide a new era in packaging that will help to reduce the food sector’s impact on climate change. We are looking forward to releasing the results of this watershed research in 2021.