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Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme- Creating a circular economy

By May 1, 2020News

Since April 2016, the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme has collected and recycled near 212 million items and Caspak New Zealand is proud to be a supporter of this movement. Through the implementation of its collection outposts throughout the country, the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme is leading the charge in creating a circular economy tackling the war on waste as well as helping to create new products from disposed consumer goods.

The scheme went on a brief hiatus toward the end of 2018 due to a fluctuation in foreign market demand, but the 400-tonne stockpile of soft plastics were soon picked up and processed by both Future Post and Second Life. Future Post repurpose New Zealand recycled soft plastics and turn them into fence posts which not only perform better, but for longer withstanding the harsh elements far better than wood. Second Life repurpose New Zealand recycled soft plastics into a variety of consumer goods from buckets, tiles to plastic tubes and waterslides.

In the past two years there has been a 2 percent decrease in contamination of collected plastics taking the overall percentage down to 7 percent. This is proof that through education and implementing the right processes, New Zealanders are making more informed decisions and disposing of goods through the correct channels. Collections have halted due to the Covid- 19 outbreak to shift focus on supply in store but will make a return with a date to be confirmed.

Caspak New Zealand are a proud supporter of the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme and are glad to be involved with such a fantastic stewardship programme to best align our business strategy with that of sustainable initiatives here in New Zealand. We Have a range of products that we supply to customers that have been approved by the Soft Plastics programme partners as fit for recycling through their process. These include our ENVi Range of High Barrier products classified as Resin Identification Code 2, and our new range of selected products that includes up to 30% Post-Consumer Recycled content saving more plastic waste going to landfill! We also now offer a stock range of medium/low barrier stand up pouches that are a single resin and suitable for most dry goods.

Please feel free to get in touch and speak to one of the team about our innovative sustainable product offerings that align with the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme.